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Corporate culture

Corporate culture
Quickly follow up the most cutting-edge technology in the field of mobile communication, focus on the research and development, production and service of radio frequency technology and mobile communication products, and commit to the innovation and industrialization of radio frequency and wireless communication products and solutions, and contribute to the revitalization of the national communication industry。  
Code of conduct  
Constant positive dimension, cast integrity。  
Management concept 
Responsible for things, peace of mind;  
Professionalism, achievement of others;  
System thinking, team operation。
Corporate culture
Quality policy  
Customer as the center, to the standard as the criterion  
Adhere to continuous improvement, target six Sigma  
Environmental policy  
Abide by laws and regulations, prevent pollution, and maintain sustainable human development  
Force new technology, new process, new materials, energy saving and consumption reduction  
Full participation, build green homes, and continuously improve environmental performance  
Occupational Health and Safety Policy  
Give priority to prevention and safety  
Abide by the law and regulate management  
Ensure health and continuous improvement

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